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Real Estate Title Search

The most extensive nationwide property title search services. Coverage includes all 4000+ US counties, parishes and jurisdictions. Visit our dedicated title search website for instant ordering: TitleSearch.com


Vehicle Titles  - Recovery of lost vehicle titles, including cars, trucks, watercraft, equipment, RV's and trailers. We specialize in difficult title situations. 50 state coverage. Visit our dedicated vehicle title recovery website: TitleRecovery.com


Corporate Records - Full access to corporation records, with information on corporate officers, original articles of incorporation, and historical filings. Contact us for info.


Court Records - Detailed documentation of court records, including civil proceedings and criminal cases. We cover all 50 states, and provide documentation of records at the local, state, and federal level. - Contact us for info

Death Certificates - Retrieval of death certificates in all 50 states. Contact us for info